PES vs FIFA: The face off

Oct 26, 2007

As you read this, PES 2008 will finally be flying out the shops on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,once again going into battle against its old enemy, FIFA. But forget the gameplay, feel and visuals for a moment. What we want to know is which of these two footballing powerhouses has the best player likenesses.

The answer? Well, why not peruse our visual evidence over the next few tabs and decide for yourself. Does Pro Evo's ever-so-slightly cartoon look make for a better resemblance? Or has FIFA finally succeeded in replicating photo-realistic player faces? Let's find out...

Above: It's David Beckham, and, er, David Beckham!

If you need to remind yourself of one of the world's most famous faces, check out this recent image of Mr. Golden Balls. (We'd put it here but, well, lawyers and copyright really scare us)