Persona 3 FES - webisodes for all!

To tide you over until Persona 3 FES hits shelves next week (and to further distract you from a lack of Persona 4 details), Atlus presents... Persona 3 FES Webisodes! Get your fix on awkward silences and overwrought anime girls with ginormous pupils right here on this very page with today’s installments and check out the Videos section for any you might have missed.

Above: Don’t you kids have class to go to?!

Persona 3 was the hugely popular installment of the JRPG  series Shin Megami Tensei to take the PS2 by storm last year. The game features a fun balance between dungeon crawling and schoolyard role-playing. Maintaining a social life is almost as hard as slaying demons and the part where you activate your personas (summons) that involves shooting yourself in the head is just… awesome.

Persona 3 FES adds on to the adventure with 30 more hours of gameplay and all-new levels and you can experience it for yourself April 22 when the game hits shelves.

Apr 15, 2008