PC Gamer announces Crysis: Warhead

PC Gamer is pleased to present the exclusive first look at the follow up to our 2007 Game of the Year, Crysis. This announcement answers a lot of questions - like why did Crytek cancel plans for a Crysis 1.3 patch ('cause they're too busy building an awesome new game!) - but asks so many more: Will Warhead be a PC exclusive? Will it run better in DirectX 9 mode? All the answers, plus amazing screenshots and an interview with Crytek's Cevat Yerli (and another major announcement from a legendary PC developer) in the August issue of PC Gamer. Subscribers, check your mailboxes! Everyone else, check your local stores on Tuesday, June 24, and look for this handsome devil staring back at you from the newsstand.

Jun 5, 2008