PAX 2006: The Aftermath

For 20 lucky attendees, there was also a chance to walk away with something besides just good times and fond memories. Krahulik and Holkins planned to give away their biggest tournament prize yet - a brand new Scion xB, loaded with electronics gear, including an Xbox 360. This was the grand prize of the Omegathon - the yearly gauntlet of games that put average gamers up against each other in a dizzying variety of genres that included Quake II, Guitar Hero, Geometry Wars and Mario Kart DS.

Above: Run PAX's gaming gauntlet, the Omegathon, and this new Scion xB complete with Xbox 360 was yours

The randomly chosen field of "Omeganauts" was halved in each round after the traditional tabletop kickoff game of Diceland. But the smiling and jovial ‘nauts never seemed to betray the high-pressure nature of the competition. Stereotypical trash-talking simply didn't happen, and everyone was having a great time even as the field dwindled during the Friday round of Geometry Wars and the Saturday morning bloodsport of Quake II.


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