Paul Bettany starring in Priest

Paul Bettany is hashing out a deal to star in vampire Western Priest.

Adapted from the TokyoPop comic book, the story is set in a world that has been torn apart by centuries of war between man and the fanged horrors.

Bettany will play a warrior priest whose speciality is taking on the undead gits – and who must rescue his niece from their foul clutches.

The movie will see him reunite with director Scott Stewart, who just worked with him on supernatural thriller Legion for Screen Gems, which is also producing Priest.

"I knew the moment I saw Stewart's first cut of Legion that Bettany was Priest and so I mentioned it to him immediately," Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper tells The Hollywood Reporter.

First one to make a crack about “raising the stakes” gets a sock in the gullet.

[Source: THR ]

Bettany as vampire hunter… Ready for fang-tastic action or bored of the vamps? Speak!


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