Patrick Tatopoulos directing I, Frankenstein

A chunk of the Underworld team is staying in the monster business: director Patrick Tatopoulos is planning to direct an adaptation of writer Kevin Grievoux’s comic I, Frankenstein.

Grevioux, of course has co-scripted all of the Underworld films, while Tatopoulos served as creature designer on the first two and directed the third.

I, Frankenstein takes the story of Frankenstein’s Monster Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Hunch Back Of Notre Dame and the Invisible Man and gives them a twist.

So the Monster has his rage issues under control and walks – or should that be shambles – the streets as a private eye, while Dracula’s a crime boss and the Invisible Man’s a spy.

"It's a Raymond Chandler-esque monster mash where the rogues don't pack pistols, they've got claws and fangs," says producer Chris Turek, better known as one of the team behind horror ShockTillYouDrop.

We wonder what David Goyer will say when they use one of his main ideas for his own take on the Invisible Man…

[Source: THR ]

Another monster twist! Will it be a new Underworld or a new Van Helsing? Tell us…


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