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Parappa the Rapper Cheats

  • "I got all the skunk!"

    Left, Circle, Triangle, Right (twice)
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  • "I got all the money!"

    Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Square
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  • "I will try the skunk!"

    Left (three times), Right (twice)
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  • Left (three times), Right (twice)

    X (five times), Right (twice)
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  • "I will try to got all you money!"

    Left (four times), Circle, X (twice), Square
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  • "All you ever need is to be money!"

    X (seven times), Square ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- :

    Cool Bonus++ :
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  • Cool Bonus

    By achieving a Cool rating in each stage, you'll be awarded a Crown on the Stage Select screen. Get all six Crowns and a bonus stage will appear,called KT & The Sunny Funny Band. It features Katy and Sunny dancing on acircular stage. Press Triangle or X to change their costumes (three each), Square or Circle to change their dancing (six each), R1/R2 or L1/L2 to zoomin and out and move camera around with D-pad.Note that you have to complete each stage first, then replay to be able toreach Cool rating. Do a normal first line to get Cool flashing, then embellish the second pattern thus:
    Level 1 : --/Circle-CircleCircle/-Circle-Circle
    Level 2 : --/Triangle-Triangle-/Square-SquareSquare/-Square-/Square---
    Level 3 : --/CircleCircleCircleCircle/-CircleCircle-
    Level 4 : --/X-XX/-SquareSquare-/-RR-/-LL-
    Level 5 : --/L-LL/-LL-/L-LL/-LL-
    Level 6 : --/Circle--Circle/Circle--Circle/Circle--Circle/Circle---Change
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Parappa the Rapper Unlockables

  • Play As Sunny

    Play As Sunny Or The Ninja:Complete level 1 with at least 3000 points and a Cool rating.Complete level 2 on Good with Cool stutus flashing.Complete level 3 and 4 with over 2000 points on each and a Good rating.Complete level 5 with at least 4000 points and a Cool rating.Complete level 6 with at least 2000 points and a Cool rating.Start a new game and you'll have the choice of playing as Sunny or the Ninja.
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  • Change Parappa's voice

    Complete the first two levels with a 'Cool' rating. Press X (three times),Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square (twice), Right, Left, Square, X andcomplete the next level as usual. On the level four, press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X to allow Parappa's voice to be changed. Hold R1 and press Circle or Triangle to cycle through the voices of the other charactersin the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- : Cool Rating Level 3 :

    Info:Get a 'Cool' rating on level 3:(Working at the flea market with Master Prince Fleawallow). When you start freestyle rappin', hit the following sequences to make Parappa create the corresponding sentences.
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Release date: Jul 13 2007 - PSP
Nov 15 1997 - PS1 (US)
Jul 13 2007 - PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP, PS1
Genre: Other Games/Compilations
Published by: Sony
Developed by: NanaOn-Sha