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  • NPCs

    It work with all hired NPC accept Hacker! You must hire a NPC use his turn and then you must dishire him!!! And the you go to him another NPS(accept Hacker) and hire him again.... and you a hew turn!!!
    Submitted by dEm1k
  • Hints

    Don't bother with protection implants - waste of space (you only get 8 implants).

    Use buses: get on the bus (enemies won't shoot you), get off kill enemies, get back on. Block buses from moving - once you get to the other side of the level, the bus discharges you.

    The driver is only good on the first level - so don't increase it on your characters, and dump the one you get first thing.

    To use things (like elevators) put your pointer over it and hold "alt" key.

    When you leave an area, all items go away except those in 'boxes' - loot the bodies first.

    on the first level, kill the mayor as the last thing - his death angers the special ops and agents.
    Submitted by GrimJack

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