Paparazzi review

Paul Abascal looked after Mel Gibson's barnet on three Lethal Weapons, so you'd think he'd know how to make the most of threadbare material. Not according to his debut as director, though, in which a Gibsonish action hunk (Cole Hauser) gets bloody satisfaction from the stalkerazzi persecuting his wife and child.

With Mel both producing and making a cameo appearance, it's obvious who we're supposed to empathise with. But just in case we're stoopid, along comes Tom Sizemore doing his psychotic act as the chief snapper. Still not convinced? Check out the Diana-style car crash he orchestrates to sell more tabloids. Whose side are you on now, pinko?

Deeply unpleasant when it's not being merely laughable, Paparazzi will no doubt appeal to pampered movie stars who like beating up photographers. The rest of us, though, will see it for what it is: vile propaganda with a streak of fascism as wide as Hollywood Boulevard.


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