OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

Crucially, OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast isn't just about racing. You've got four different modes to master, and each one emphasises different ways of eating up the track. Time Attack mode demands efficiency and speed; OutRun mode sets you a goal - a race along a specific route through a number of different stages, where each of the open-ended tracks leads into the next.

But Heart Attack is a real contrast. For each stage, you've got to impress your female passenger by meeting her demands - which involve everything from overtaking cars or drifting through colored lines on the track to smashing into your opponents. With every success, you fill a silhouette of your girlfriend with hearts, in an attempt to please her enough to win her heart.

Finally, Coast 2 Coast is a mammoth mode that melds all of these different challenges. You pick from a number of flagmen - the rotund guys who wave you off the starting line - or girls and complete their missions. The flagmen pose racing type missions, with you sprinting through the stages against a number of rivals in a race to finish first, with drifting challenges appearing along the way.

For each girl, you'll have to meet a different kind of demand. Clarissa likes thrills, and sets missions that need speed to complete; Jennifer goes for technique, and wants you to perform inch-perfect drifts and cornering. Holly likes her men with brains - she throws up math questions that you have to solve, or makes you drive through a particular type of icon on the track. Get it wrong, and the girls will make sure you know how disappointed they are.