Our disc picks of the week

Sam recommends…

Doctor Who: Season 4 : I'm going to cheat this week and recommend some telly. Partly because Doctor Who Season 4 is as cinematic as TV gets, partly because it's David Tennant's last ever full outing as the Doctor, and mostly because it's the best thing out this week. I'd rather climb into the back of the Tardis than a wardrobe any day.

Andy recommends…

Kung Fu Panda: Jack Black plays a dopey panda who dreams of becoming a martial arts star... With surprisingly hilarious results. That’s because, for a change, DreamWorks aim for laughs over clever - but instantly dating - parent-child crossover cultural riffs. And the panda’s dad is a bird.

Chris recommends…

Cinema 16: World Short Films: Whilst the hook to this collection of short movies is the inclusion of early work by both Guillermo del Toro, Sylvain Chomet (Belleville Rendez-Vous) and Alfonso Cuaron, Guy Maddin’s Rossellini homage My Dad Is 100 Years Old steals the disc.


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