Ouendan 2 [import] review

  • Keeps winning formula
  • Soundtrack is awesome
  • Quirky and hilarious story
  • Bastard-hard
  • Gameplay feels a little too same-y
  • Later levels make you wanna kill the DS

Replay value may be limited for anyone who isn’t obsessive enough to try to max out the score charts. It’s entirely a personal decision, but none of us could muster the enthusiasm to go for the hardest difficulty level. There’s a point beyond which Ouendan 2 becomes a feat of endurance rather than a bit of fun. But even though it lacks the variety that makes Rhythm Tengoku our favorite of all Nintendo beat games, it’s a fine follow-up to a great original. One more thing: since the original Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents had completely different soundtracks, you shouldn’t feel bad about importing Ouendan 2, since we’re sure Elite Beat 2 won’t keep the original tracks.

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Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Other Games/Compilations
ESRB Rating:
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