O.R.B. Off World Resource Base Cheats, Codes & Guides

O.R.B. Off World Resource Base Cheats

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    Entry location: Press ENTER then enter a code below and press ENTER again to activate
    $WIN Mission Won
    $RU # Get # of Resource
    $SU # Get # Support Units
    $GET TECH All tech researched
    $GET ALL TECHS All tech researched
    $FOGOWAR ON Fog of War ON
    $FOGOWAR OFF Fog of War OFF
    $GOD ON God Mode for unit selected
    $GOD OFF God Mode off for unit selected
    $COLLISIONS ON Asteroid Collision on
    $COLLISIONS OFF Asteroid Collision off
    $FPS ON Frame rate on
    $FPS OFF Frame Rate off
    $RESEARCH X Research speed set to X
    $BUILD X Build speed set to X
    $REPAIR ALL Crashes Game
    $WEAKEN ENEMY Lower Enemy Hulls
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Available Platforms: PC