Onechanbara: vorteX - hands-on

There are even a few moments when the game deviates from its zombie-surrounded slash 'em-up formula altogether, with its heroines jumping on a motorcycle for some high-speed zombie-killin'. And while we haven't gone toe-to-toe with any of them yet, we've had a glimpse of some impressively huge, disgusting bosses, including a half-rotten orca that flops around just generally being horrendous.

Of course, it's not all awesome - this is still a fairly bare-bones game. The game's generic urban arenas are drab and fairly colorless, and the coolness of its loading-screen minigame - which features a tiny Aya slashing into hordes of identical cartoon zombies - is offset by the fact that the load times are long enough to rack up some pretty high scores. The game's still unfinished, of course, so those things could improve before release, but we're not holding our breath.

Onechanbara: vorteX will also feature a two-player, spit-screen co-op mode, so you'll be able to tackle all its lumbering horrors with a friend. The game hasn't been announced for a US release yet, but given that its publisher recently showed it to US journalists at a San Francisco press event, it's a no-brainer that it'll make it over here soon. We expect it to hit stores, bikinis, gore and all, by mid- to late 2007.


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