One step backwards - Resident Evil 0 for Wii?

Famitsu says the GameCube prequel is Capcom's latest porting project

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Resident Evil developer Capcom is porting GameCube prequel Resident Evil 0to the Wii, Famitsu reports. Capcom hasn't said a thing.

Jeux-France has scanned in the page detailing the port, and internet translators have picked the article apart. Apparently, Capcom is planning a Japanese release for summer 2008, so no doubt we'll see it in North American and Europe not too long after that - if it's really happening.

Players will take control of Rebecca and Billy, but the game has been developed to be played using only the Wii Remote.

We called Capcom UK for a serious response, but only received the "no comment" response.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 27, 2008

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