One of these fan-made items may appear in Team Fortress 2

The game that keeps on giving encourages the modding community to get crazy creative

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Team Fortress 2 is one of those games that just keeps on giving with regular updates and tons of fun unlockable items for its players. Recently, Valve created a contest for its modding community, challenging them to design their own unlockable item. If it wins, it will appear in the game. Imagine playing Team Fortress 2 and seeing other players dashing about with an item you invented!

Check out the latest entries from the 3D modeling community Polycount for some of the coolest and funniest Team Fortress 2 items we’ve ever seen. Here are our favorites.

Above: The Expert’s Ordnance Pack by Swizzle

Above: A “Wrathfull” update for the Sniper by ScudzAlmighty

Above: A “Croc-O-Style” update for the Sniper by nrek

Above: An “El Gringo Pack” for the Heavy by Monkeez

There are a ton of other amazing entries featured at Polycount. Go check them out!

Source: Polycount via PC Gamer

July 1, 2010