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One Must Fall 2097 Cheats, Codes & Guides

One Must Fall 2097 Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    2-0-9-7: simultaneously press these keys to access the hidden options menu.
    B-I-G-#(1-9): simultaneously press these keys (BIG and a number 1-9) to increase debris.
    R-E-I-N: simultaneously press these keys to make debris rain continuously celing to floor.
    Submitted by None
  • CPU: Deadly and Ultimate

    Go into gameplay and go down to the CPU
    get it so it's up to the highest then keep on pressing it for > for 20 times it should go onto deadly
    for ultimate press down O+M+F hold it down and press > 2 times it will go up to ultimate
    Submitted by Nova Master

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