Official Avatar concept art online

As the old saying goes: be careful what you wish for… you might just get it. Well, we wanted imagery from Avatar and now we’ve got some. Sort of.

While it’s not final shots of Sam Worthington and co in the film, it is concept art from the film.

We’ll warn those of you wishing to keep everything about Avatar a secret that these pics – the one below and another in our gallery to the right – should be considered mild spoilers.

MarketSaw’s Jim Dorey got studio approval to throw these suckers up online and the first image appears to be the same vehicle we saw earlier this week – a Powersuit being used by Sam Worthington’s character.

The second is a futuristic heli-craft, being pursued by what looks like one of Pandora’s native beasts.

It’s nice to finally see something of the film, even if the fact that they’re concept art means they may already have been abandoned by Cameron and his team as they tweak the film ahead of its release later this year.

Oh, and if you’re eager to see more pics, they’re apparently from tie-in book 'The Art Of Avatar', which Amazon claims will be out in October.

And while we worry that all this build up means hype that no film could possibly live up to, we’re still desperate to see some video from this sucker.

[Source: MarketSaw ]

What do you think of these new pics? Think they’ll make the final cut?


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