Available on: PS1

Off-World Interceptor Cheats, Codes & Guides

Off-World Interceptor Cheats

  • Cheat Codes:

    BORNFREE - Level Select
    HARDBODY - Invincibility
    VITAMINS - Gain 31 Lives
    CORONARY - Loads of hearts
    EVILDEAD - Immortal Enemies
    TWISTEYE - Rotate the screen by holding L1+L2 and moving the D-pad
    INANDOUT - Quitting returns you to the map
    THETHING - Hold L2 to mutate your body.Press L2+X to change it back
    BODYSWAP - Press Triangle to swap characters in game.
    OTTOFIRE - Infinite special weapons
    TOMMYBOY - Takes you on a pinball screen once level is finished
    CASHDASH - Takes you to a 'speed greed' screen at the end of level
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Available Platforms: PS1