NRA Gun Club review

  • Beer can bowling
  • Carnival shooting gallery
  • Slow-mo bullet-camera replays
  • Physics oddities, like 2D bullets
  • Hilariously poor, over-excited voice-overs
  • Endless shooting of inanimate targets

The feeling you get from holding an actual weapon in your hand might grant some intoxicating sense of power, putting as it does the power to end a life in your hands. Of course, the same could be said of a hammer, and we have thus far been spared the introduction of carpentry simulations that fill their load screens with hard-hat tips to prevent the accidental braining of coworkers. NRA Gun Club may be useful for demystifying gun ownership for wannabe weekend warriors, but it sure as hell doesn't qualify as much of a game. Even with its sub-$20 price tag, NRA Gun Club is just too overwhelmingly dull to take seriously.

More Info

Release date: Oct 03 2006 - PS2 (US)
Oct 03 2006 - PS2 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Shooter
Published by: Crave
Developed by: Crave
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Mild Violence


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