Nocturne Cheats

Nocturne Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by rungo

    Cheats (Full Version)

    godgames - godmode

    skeletonkey - All keys

    gasmask - Get gas mask

    goremode - More gore

    elephant - gives you an elephant gun(BFG with BIG firepower)

    gold - -- shows advertisment for the company's new game "Fly" the screen will say "Buy Fly! today!"

    aqua - Get 500 Aqua Vampira bullets

    mercury - Get 500 Mercury bullets

    silver - Get 500 Silver bullets

    burningstake - Get Flaming arrows

    ifarted - Get stranger a gas mask

    thunderstorm - Make it rain

    snowstorm - Snow

    winblows - Get weapons & ammo

    recharge - charge battery

    headofhorrors - Enable bigboom code below

    freezer - Enemy Ai on/off

    oldhat - New hat for stranger

    goldmode - show message

    healme - get health

    moreammo - More ammo

    baronsaturday - Get Baron

    shotgunshell - Gun & Shells

    TAB Key - debug mode

  • PC | Submitted by

    Patched Version Cheats

    bighead - Big Head mode

    youfarted - Gas Mask (patched game only)

    dismember - Extra gore (patched game only)

    gimmecrap - All Weapons & Ammo

    keysuper - Skeleton Key

    reallycold - Toggle Enemy AI

    driveby - Tommy Gun

    woodenstakegun - Wooden Stake Crossbow

    t2000 - Terminator mode

    layitonme - More ammo

    iamacheatingbastard - God mode

    bandaid - Restore Health (patched game only)

    ebola - Kill surrounding creatures

    pinkbunny - Recharge Battery (patched game only)

    bigboom - Instant Kill (patched game only)

  • PC | Submitted by

    Invincibility (Demo Version)

    Type in gathering

  • PC | Submitted by

    Ammo for Selected Weapon (Demo Version)

    Type in giveallammo

  • PC | Submitted by

    Crossbow (Demo Version)

    Type in crossbow

  • PC | Submitted by

    Flamethrower (Demo Version)

    Type in beavis

  • PC | Submitted by

    Flaming Arrows (Demo Version)

    Type in flametip

  • PC | Submitted by

    Shotgun (Demo Version)

    Type in shotgun

  • PC | Submitted by

    Tommy Gun(Demo Version)

    Type in tommygun

  • PC | Submitted by

    Toggle CPU AI (Demo Version)

    Type in freeze

  • PC | Submitted by

    Charge Flashlight(Demo Version)

    Type in battery

  • PC | Submitted by

    Call Baron (Demo Version)

    Type in baron

  • PC | Submitted by

    Dismemberment Toggle (Demo Version)

    Type in dismember

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Skeleton Key (Demo Version)

    Type in masterkey

  • PC | Submitted by

    Big Head Mode (Demo Version)

    Type in bighead

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Flashlight (Demo Version)

    Type in light

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Dynamite (Demo Version)

    Type in dynamite

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Snow (Demo Version)

    Type in snow

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Rain (Demo Version)

    Type in rain

  • PC | Submitted by

    Get Movie (Demo Version)

    Type in movie