No More Heroes - the SUDA 51 interview

GR: The playing field - especially in America where 360 is more of a factor - is really crowded right now. I was wondering how you think the generation will work out? Are they all going to find their own niche and get to be successful? Or is there going to be one pulling away and winning?

S5: I think that only two are going to survive this round.

GR: And what two are they?

S5: There's no enemy for the Wii, so I think it's going to survive. So I think it's going to be a battle between the PS3 and 360, and there's going to be one winner and one loser. I think [Nintendo is] really smart because they're letting those two battle it out and they're doing their own thing where they're going to be successful and that's really intelligent of them.

GR: Well it's very interesting because even in America now, the DS is so popular - in Japan it's unreal, but in America it's starting to pull away from the PSP. Do you think that could exactly happen again with the main consoles?

S5: I don't know for sure, but the possibility of a huge success is very high because of the way that you control - it's a way that hasn't been done before. I think that they're using the same kind of logic with the Wii. If you think about it logically, it seems like Wii will be the next big thing, right?

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