No More Heroes - the SUDA 51 interview

GR: Certainly with a game like this, we would expect that it's more like an indie film. Halo is a major Hollywood type production, but with this kind of game, it's hard to be successful and make a profit. Will you be able to cultivate an audience for an indie-type game?

S5: I want profit and I want respect. I want the indie respect and the profit of the mainstream. I'm aiming to make No More Heroes more marketable than before. I'm making this game, more so than before, a game that's going to sell units in America and Europe.

GR: Is that because of gameplay? Killer 7 had a very interesting story, but it also had kind of bizarre gameplay. People who liked the game mostly liked its atmosphere and story. Is that one of the elements that will bring No More Heroes more popularity?

S5: For Killer 7, my aim was to make something completely new in all different directions. So I think that maybe it was a new experience that wasn't familiar for American users when they first played Killer 7. So Killer 7 got all this different feedback. So it's actually a really good lesson for me in terms of what Americans and Europeans like in terms of gameplay.

[For No More Heroes] I'm going towards the American, more standard type of gameplay. I think it will fit well with what people appreciated from Killer 7: the presentation, the cinematics, the story. So I think it will be easier for people to pick up and play - more so than Killer 7 - because I've learned a lot from just listening to other people's feedback from the gameplay of Killer 7.

GR: Something we always like to ask Japanese game creators is "Have you played any western-devleoped games? If so, which do you like and what have you learned from them?"

S5: Actually last month he helped organize an event in Japan to help introduce the western games to Japanese fans. It's one of my big projects. It's my personal hobby in a way, to introduce western games to the Japanese.

GR: What games would be a good example of the ones you'd like to see, or your favorite games?

S5: The Warriors from Rockstar. I'm not really sure if that level of violence is okay for Japanese but, well, I still want them to play it. I think that kind of free sandbox style of GTA is [also] something I want more Japanese creators to get influenced by.


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