No More Heroes is more punk than the Pistols

Travis Touchdown just does not care

A major factor in defining any game’s personality is its protagonist. In Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes has a killer statement of intent.

Travis is not heroic, but importantly he’s also far from your glowering vengeful videogame anti-hero too. Simply put, Travis is just some slacker with time on his hands and an urge to make a nuisance of himself. No deep back story, no mission to save the world, and no reason whatsoever to risk his life wasting hundreds of trained killers other than that it sounds like it could be fun, it’s better than getting a real job, and it’d be cool to say he did it. When the rest of your life revolves around watching porn, trying to get laid and playing with your cat, it’s good to have some outside interests.

As Travis himself explains in the game’s intro, “Could kick ass, could be dangerous, could totally suck”, but he goes and does it anyway just for the hell of it. That friends, is as punk as it gets.

It’d be easy for Travis to be an unlikeable loser, but there’s just something about his cockiness and total lack of respect for any of the supposed super-killers he’s going up against that makes you love the guy. Echoing the sentiment of the Stranglers song of the title, there are no more heroes for Travis to compare himself against, so with no care for the assassins’ internal hierarchy, he’s just wading into the establishment and messing things up. And he’s loving every minute of it.

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