NintendoTV crashes the BAFTA Game Awards with their 3DS

First reactions from the red carpet

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Our friends at Official Nintendo Magazine UK have a new episode of Nintendo TV ready for you via the Wii's Nintendo Channel. Let them tell you about this week's goodness:

To celebrate the launch of the 3DS we’ve got a celebrity-ridden special of NintendoTV News. Last week we spent the evening at the BAFTA video game awards watching some of the elite of the gaming world collect some gold faces.

The big story was happening backstage though as the likes of Dara O’Briain, Jameela Jamil, Joe Calzaghe and Sir Ben Kingsley were having their first look at the 3DS console.

See their reactions in this week’s episode. Check out the trailer here:

NintendoTV is available exclusively on your Wii’s Nintendo Channel. If you don’t already have the Nintendo Channel, download it for FREE from the Wii Shop and make sure you never miss another episode.

March 25, 2011