Nintendo: Send us your frozen 3DS

Nintendo announces a less than elegant solution for the 'black screen of death'

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Nintendo of America has yet to provide users with a solid solution for the 'black screen of death' error that has been locking up 3DSs in the hands of a few unlucky early adopters.

While some users managed to fix frozen black or white screens by reformatting memory cards or using other recovery methods, many have had no luck at all. For those with such doubly bad luck, Nintendo UK recommends trying to update the system software. Unfortunately, that's also not an option for some players, whose new systems have been seemingly bricked after experiencing the error.

It seems that those 3DS owners will have to do without for a while. Nintendo claims that in these cases, the “system will need to be repaired” and asks owners to send their systems in for repairs as a last resort.

[Source: Kotaku]

Mar 29, 2011

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