Nintendo Previews Bonus

Nervous Brickdown - DS
We’re suckers for Breakout/Arkanoid games - so it’s Blackcurrant Tangos all around as Eidos snaps up this gorgeous new wall-batterer from Arkedo Studios. Just look at it: with 150 levels and a mad grab bag of varying art styles and play techniques, it’s truly the WarioWare of break-the-wall brilliance.

Lifesigns: Surgical Unit - DS
Already out in Japan, Lifesigns is more focused on plot than Trauma Center was - and the world of goo beneath your patients’ skin wrapping is that little bit more realistically gruesome than in TC. Gross.

Ouendan 2 - DS
You’ll know its predecessor better as Elite Beat Agents - the sequel promises the same mad-as-custard rhythm action nonsense, with low-morale office workers and, seemingly, a guy in his pajamas being stomped and clapped to a feel-good victory by the Ouendan team. If you haven’t played the original, we’re simply not talking to you until you do.

Impossible Mission - DS/Wii
If the word “C64” makes your memory banks come alive like a fruit machine, you’ll be all over this updated version of the 1985 legend that saw a tuxedoed spy fishing down the back of toilets and sofas. Three versions are included: the original; a dolled-up remake of the same; and an all-new version with “3D objects.”


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