Nintendo downloads 3/29 – DK Metronome?

Last Monday, WiiWare had one of it’s most high profile releases to date, the long-awaited remake of the PC downloadable classic Cave Story, though the rest of the games were the average iffy output. This week’s certainly not as stellar, we’ll admit, but it does have some real quality stuff this week, while the dregs seem to be at least entertainingly crappy.


WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase

Easily the biggest dog this week, it isn’t the same as the WarioWare that came out last week for DS. This is made to showcase (hey, that’s in the title!) the many games that are bound to be made by all the people that got the DSi game, which you can download to your Wii and play with the Wii Remote. What’s coolest about it that today starts the weekly series that showcases WarioWare game made in D.I.Y. by big name creators, this week starting with Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Bros fame and Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto. Not too shabby.

Diner Dash

Thanks to Hudson, Diner Dash continues its march to appear on every single system ever. We think only the Wonder Swan is left. Anyway, if you love pretending to work for tips, why not play this game again?

Special Mention: Grill-Off with Ultra Hand

This one doesn’t come out till March 31, but it gets special mention as being only the second WiiWare game ever, after Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!!, to only be available via Club Nintendo. The gameplay seems to just center on flipping burgers with an extending hand, which looks cribbed from a Game & Watch title, but hey, it’s basically free and looks better than most of the Club Nintendo prizes.

Virtual Console

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

This is our top pick of the week, mainly for sentimental reasons. Back in 1999, strategy RPGs were only starting to gain momentum in the US and as N64 owners, we were green with envy of our friends playing Final Fantasy Tactics on their PlayStaions. When we heard a game by the same people was coming to N64 we jumped with joy, then realized it got published in such low numbers, we’d never find it at our local stores. Now, at long last, we can play this lost classic.


Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures

Save the Turtles

Disney Fireworks

Oy vey, DSiWare. In case you didn’t know, DSiWare is a real dumping ground for trash and incredibly simple crap that belongs in the iPhone Apps store. Turtles is a puzzley thing about saving turles from birds. Yum Yum is a puzzley thing about helping a Chameleon. And Fireworks is pretty self explanitory: as you set fireworks off over the Magic Kingdom, like a latter day Fantavision. We’re gonna say these probably aren’t worth getting, but those three are just warm-up for the main event.

Nintendo DSi Metronome

In the tradition of Mario Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock, comes another two dollar Nintendo download that is confusing in its uselessness. Not only will this help musicians with their timing and pitch, which is what all DSi owners needed when taking piano lessons, it also has a new way of playing Donkey Kong. That’s right, now you can have ol’ Jumpman hop over barrels when you make sounds into the tiny microphone to the set beat. We can’t wait to play it on our next morning bus ride.

Mar 29, 2010

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