Nintendo 3DS update delayed, internet browser and eShop now arriving on June 6

System update rescheduled to launch one day before Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference

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The Nintendo eShop that 3DS owners have been waiting for has been delayed. The system update, which will add an internet browser and the Nintendo eShop is now scheduled to launch on the evening of June 6 (Pacific Time). The new launch date for the update, which was previously expected to arrive this May, is worth noting as it will now debut the evening before Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference on June 7.

In addition to new retail games, the Nintendo 3DS eShop will offer classic Game Boy and Game Boy color titles for download. It will also allow you to download DSiWare games. Expect the update to be a big part of Nintendo’s 3DS presentation at E3 with more details about the content that will be available via the eShop, including more information about Netflix and 3D trailers on the 3DS.

May 12, 2011