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  • Get The Sword

    Just press Left, Right(2), Up, X(2), Square at the main menu
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  • Invincibility

    While the game is paused press L2, R2, L2(3 times), R2(3 times), Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square. If done correctly the ninja will turn into a skeleton and you will hear a chime. Just do the code again to change back.
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  • Level Select

    Load a game and while Checking Memory Card appears, press L2, L2, R2, R2. You will now have a level select screen when the game starts.
    Also reported like this To activate this code remove your memory card and when the screen "checking memory card" appears quickly insert L2, L2, L2, R2, R2, R2 then you will see "dels level cheat on" appear if the code was inserted properly.
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  • Big Head Mode

    As Press Start flashes at the title screen press Select, Select, Select, L2, L2, L2, Select, Select, Select
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  • Baby Ninja Mode

    As START flashes press L2(3 times), select(3 times),R2(3 times)
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  • Less Boss Energy

    While fighting a boss, pause the game and press L2(3 times),R2(3 times), Triangle(6 times) to weaken the bosses energy
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  • Random Weapon

    While the game is paused, press R2(3 times), L2(3 times), R2(3 times),L2(6 times). Resume the game and you've got a new weapon. Repeat for multiple weapons.
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