Ninja Reflex - hands on

Finally there was Hashi, which means chopsticks. Much like the famous scene in The Karate Kid, here the object is to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks and drop it into a highlighted bowl. As in the previous challenge, the flies appeared in different colors and capturing the wrong color doesn’t score points. Because each fly has a limited lifespan however, grabbing onto an opponent’s fly can be a handy defensive move in multiplayer. If you have it your opponent can’t get it.

The challenges we weren’t able to experience included Koi (fish), Katana and Nunchaku. The last one on that list sounded particularly exciting, though we can already envision the flying Wiimotes.

As a party game, Ninja Reflex is sure to be a hit. The real question is how it is going to handle in single player. Sure, it’s a blast with four players but we fear the evil of repetition when going it alone. After all, half the fun is laughing at your friends.


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