Ninja Gaiden Sigma - updated impressions

Of course, strangers to original Xbox hit will be most impressed by their newfound addiction to Sigma’s punishing, yet rewarding action. But there’s plenty of new content and challenges for seasoned stealth strikers. We got to see several boss encounters exclusive to Sigma, that'll kick your ass.

In the original version, you’re first encounter with the ghostly samurai Doku was limited to a cutscene. But this time around, you’ll actually face this demonic swordsman in an intense boss battle. Doku is incredibly powerful, and capable of killing you with a single blow. You’re not meant to actually defeat him, since the story still requires that Doku defeats you at this early stage in the game, but if you’ve got the ninja skills to bring his health bar down to zero you’ll unlock a special reward. Unfortunately, Tecmo is keeping the juicy details on what exactly that reward is close to their chest for now.

Above: You may have fought this fatty before. But now while taking fire from a napalm dropping helicopter at the same time.

We also witnessed the return of the fat mech boss from the airship in the original Xbox version. This time around, you’ll have to give him the beat down while dodging fire from a helicopter hovering above. From what we’ve seen of Sigma so far, improvements like this seem to be all about streamlining what made the original so great and challenging by kicking up the intensity of boss encounters and treating hardcore fans to extra content.

Unfortunately, completionists, who want the unlock everything, may be disappointed to learn that they’ll have to pick up the collectors edition that’s exclusive to GameStop. The two disc box set will include a behind the scenes DVD from Team Ninja. But more importantly, it’ll include codes for unlockable Ryu and Rachel missions that you won’t be able to play otherwise. Also, since only a limited number of copies were printed, you’ll probably have to reserve a copy from GameStop soon if you don’t want to start stalking ebay auctions from Sigma scalpers later on.

You can head here if you want to reserve a copy of the collectors edition before it ships on June 26. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and click on the Images tab above for the latest screens.


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