Ninja Gaiden Sigma - interview

GR: But are you maybe ready now to move onto the sequel after completing this version? Or are you not interested in that?

YH: So during the course of development of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, many new ideas have come out in my mind. Some of these ideas have been implemented in the game. So when you play, you will find out some hints for the sequel.

GR: When the original version came out, it was the best action game of its type. Do you think any other developers have reached the level of Ninja Gaiden since its original release?

YH: A certain amount of time has passed since we launched the original Ninja Gaiden. However, we don't think other company titles have reached the level of the original Ninja Gaiden yet. We know the best parts of Ninja Gaiden, and we know the parts of the game that need to be improved. So we've taken the original Ninja Gaiden to a higher level with Sigma. Still, you know, there is the gap between it and other companies' titles.

GR: We recently had a chance to go to Osaka to play Devil May Cry 4 - that's an obvious comparison. The development team is very proud of the progress the series has made. Any opinion on it?

YH: In terms of category - Devil May Cry has a very [similar one]. Meaning, I wanted to be compared with Devil May Cry 4, however the battle system is totally different. In the case of Devil May Cry, the character has to make an action against the enemies, from your side. In the case of Ninja Gaiden, it's a head-to-head combat action game. So that game system itself is a little different. This is what the player has to compare. However, I myself think the game system is different.

GR: That's interesting, because when we played Ninja Gaiden originally, the influence from Dead or Alive as a fighting game was clear. Can you talk about that influence?

YH: I think that the strength of that game's head-to-head combat was taken over to Ninja Gaiden, from the Dead or Alive series.

GR: With next generation hardware, it's not just about graphics quality - it's about advanced artificial intelligence, which in a head-to-head fight, would be really important. Have you taken advantage of that yet?

YH: As you mentioned, it's not only graphic quality. AI was improved. In my opinion, there is no game that fulfills all of the conditions that are required for a next generation machine. Once we succeed to create such a game, including: graphic quality, better AI, 1080p high resolution, and network functions. I am very confident to implement such elements on the platform of the next generation machine.


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