Ninja Gaiden Sigma hands-on

She may not be as nimble as Ryu, but her arsenal of weapons make her a force to be reckoned with. We saw her bury her gi-normous battle axe into a demonic enemy's torso, and fling him around as an extension of the weapon.Rachel also carries a grappling weapon of sorts, think Scorpion's "get over here" projectile and Link's hookshot, that could open up an array of helpful/lethal possibilites, such as hoisting herself up or across great lengths, or bringing an enemy closer for a more intimate pummeling.

Both characters make decent use of the ailing Six Axis by turning it into the mechanism with which you unleash you Ninpo (ie Super Ninja Magic). Holding down Circle and Triangle triggers the charge, and giving the controller a vigourous shaking will cause Ryu to let forth a fiery ball of violence,while Rachel emits a shockwave that'll knockall comers on their ass. The build we saw was said to be somewhere around 70% complete so we should see more in the coming weeks, including the anxiously awaited trailer. Until then, take a stab at our Images tab, or clickherefor our interview with Sigma director, Yosuke Hayashi.