Nine mini-games you've never seen

Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS2/Wii/Xbox 360/PSP/DS/PC, 2007)
OK, so it’s an extremely recent title and the mini-game we’re about to point out isn’t at all difficult to unlock. But we suspect that many of you ‘grown-ups’ out there are too busy shooting Brutes or powersliding around a virtual Quebec to pay much attention to kid-o-centric Thrillville. Some of its myriad mini-games, however, are worth a second look.

Coastertron, as its known, initially seems duff. It’s a virtual reality replication of the roller coasters that you build in the game. You ‘ride’ them by gliding along the track, Rez-style, holding your hand out in certain directions in order to activate score multipliers. But! Once it begins to heat up, things can get far more compulsive and trance-like than you’d probably expect.


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