Ni No Kuni Familiar Guide

General Tips

You will receive familiars as you progress through the story but once Esther joins your party you will be able to go out into the wide world and snare a few of your own. Unfortunately just defeating them in battle isn’t enough to secure a catch; it’s all down to chance as to whether they will take a shine to you and that level of chance decreases the rarer the creature is. So if you have your heart set on capturing a particular beast, be prepared to put in a lot of leg work and be patient!

Each person in your party can carry 3 familiars at any one time. If a carried familiar isn’t used in battle, it’ll still receive XP so it would be wise to pop a weak familiar in the 3rd slot that will enjoy the benefits of all that delicious XP without having to enter the fray and get you all KO’d.

A good mixture of familiars is crucial if you want to be prepared for any situation. Keep your bases covered with this line-up.

Fighters: Generally you’ll want to make sure that you have a good fighter with high stats across the board, although the Mag. Atk .stat isn’t that important.

Elemental: A familiar versed in elemental tricks with high Mag. Atk., Mag. Def., and Def stats.

Tank: Someone to soak up all the excess damage in the form of a tank, who will need high Def., Mag. Def. and Evasion. Any resistances they have will also be a handy bonus – a resistance to physical damage is particularly useful so look toward the automata and mortui genuses for candidates.