Ni No Kuni Familiar Guide


As well as levelling up alongside you, familiars will also metamorphose after accumulating the necessary amount of XP. Giving them the special ‘drop’ items that correspond to their celestial sign when you can see that they’re ready will prompt the evolution to the next form. Each familiar has 3 forms, but the final form (requiring a ’jumbo drop’) will be one of 2 possible options that you will be able to choose between. Be aware that the differences are often elemental and you may very well have to sacrifice an affinity with one element in order to gain affinity with another. Their growth patterns and assortment of tricks can also vary.


There are 3 different growth patter s that a familiar may follow, each with their own benefits.

Normal: Familiar’s primary abilities increase by the same amount every time they level up.

Early Riser: Familiar’s primary abilities increase by a large amount throughout the low levels and smaller amounts at higher levels. Whilst they get a head start in comparison to the other two, once the familiar hits level 40 and above, they won’t receive as many points when levelling up and can fall behind. This growth pattern is advantageous at the outset of he game.

Late-Bloomer: The opposite of the early riser, these familiars will lag behind until they hit the sweet spot near level 80. At this stage, the ability points they receive will skyrocket. If you’re in it for the long haul then these familiars will serve you well as you explore every nook and cranny of the world.

Each time a familiar undertakes a metamorphosis, its level will drop back down to 1 and their abilities will also suffer. However they will retain any bonus abilities already acquired. As a rule, the higher the level of the familiar before it evolves, the stronger its next incarnation will be. If you want to focus on nurturing a very powerful familiar, it’s best to hold off on metamorphosing them until they’re at fairly high levels. If you don’t want to invest a great deal of time in them, then be sure to metamorphose them at the earliest opportunity so that you can dole out the XP to their later forms and build them back up quicker.

Bear these factors in mind when deciding which familiar to metamorphose and when to do it; you ideally want to have a party of familiars in base and second stage forms to compensate for the level and stat drop that accompany a metamorphosis, giving you time to suitably build up an evolved familiar’s level before focusing on the evolution of another.