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NFL Street Vol 2: Unleashed Cheats, Codes & Guides

NFL Street Vol 2: Unleashed Cheats

NFL Street Vol 2: Unleashed Hints

  • Easy Passing/Long Yardage

    Under the play selection, select passing plays. Then select the play call "wall fades". Once you hike the ball roll out to the left side with your QB. Then lightly tap the according button. Your receiver should jump off the wall and catch the ball in mid air. This works 90% of the time, and gets you major yardage. (Note: Lightly tapping the button throws the ball much further than holding it.)
    Submitted by CreekBallaTH87
  • 75% Complete Passes

    To successfully complete (a certain pass) go to trick plays, then hit "PA Drag" (first have your best receiver on the left for best results). After hiking the ball, head somewhat right, then, if no opponent is in the path of the ball (that they can reach and block/intercept) hold down the square button, to put some heat on the ball, when the receiver to the left gets a little over half-way after his diagonal cut. This pass works about 93% of the time with a pro quarterback and receiver, and about 75% with a not-so-good QB and WR.
    Submitted by NFLsTREETmASTER
  • Easy "Open Field Showdown" Wins

    This is more of a hint, but go to street events under "Game Modes" and then click on "Open Field Showdown". A bunch of options come up. Put 2 on 2. then pick Tiki Barber and a linebacker whose last name is Bell. [can't remember first name] when it starts you should have the ball. If you don't, don't worry. Maybe even let them get a TD. When you have the ball, run towards the other 2 players. Then press X. You will jump. As you do that, the other player on your team will be running toward the end zone. Just before you are tackled, press Y. He will pitch it to the other player. if you do it at the right time, you will score almost every time.
    Submitted by mike

NFL Street Vol 2: Unleashed Unlockables

  • Unlock Random Street Legends

    When playing your first time on a field, in gameplay, preferably Quick Game. When you claim the first hotspot for your own, after the down or play is over, the game will say you have unlocked "so and so". They are random legends so it can be anybody from good stars like Bo Jackson to others like Tim Rattay. Now that you have unlocked them you will now be able to play with them in pick up games.
    Submitted by Dan Mclane
  • Get NFL legends

    First you have to start an "own the city" file. Then play a pick-up game on own-the-city mode. While playing just do any wall move on a hot spot. Before the play is over it should say you unlocked whoever.
    Submitted by someone
  • Unlock Team Xzibit

    Finish all the tutorials
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock NFL Legends

    All you have to do is do all the hotspot moves you can. You have to unlock all the legends one by one until you have unlock the whole team.
    Submitted by None

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