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NFL Quarterback Club Cheats, Codes & Guides

NFL Quarterback Club Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    Entry location: The following codes are entered at the team select screen in preseason mode.
    F1,F1,F2,F2,F1,F2: constant turbo.
    F1,F1,F1,F4,F1,F1: fumble mode.
    F1,F1,F1,F3,F1,F1: landmine mode.
    F4,F2,F5,F3,F4,F5: 47 historic teams.
    F4,F2,F5,F4,F4,F5: 47 more historic teams.
    F1,F1,F3,F5,F1,F3: long range throw/ kick mode.
    F1,F1,F3,F4,F1,F3: shadow player mode.
    F1,F1,F1,F2,F1,F1: NFC/ AFC preseason mode.
    F1,F1,F5,F3,F1,F5: super slippery mode.
    F1,F1,F5,F2,F1,F5: super team mode.
    F1,F1,F4,F4,F1,F4: super fast team mode.
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