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NFL Quarterback Club 98 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NFL Quarterback Club 98 Cheats

  • Fumble Mode

    Enter this code at the cheat menu to make players fumble the ball constantly: GTNHNDS
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  • Slippery Play

    Enter this code at the cheat menu for slipper play: SPRSLYD
    Submitted by None
  • Sticky Hands

    Enter this code at the cheat menu and your players will always catch the ball: STYCKYHNDS
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  • Unlimited Downs

    Entering this code at the cheat menu enables unlimited downs: DWNDRV
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  • Extra Fast Players

    To get extra fast players type in MCHLJNSN (Michael Johnson) at the cheat menu. You should hear a confirmation sound to tell you that the trick worked.
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  • Small, Wide Players

    To give your players a short, flattened look enter this code in the cheat menu: JPNSMWR
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  • Goliath Mode

    Enter "glythmd" (=Golyath Mode) and all the players will be HUGE. The in-game voices and Marv's play-by-play also drop by a whole octave, but the ball and the refs stay normal.
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  • Slow Running Backs

    Enter "rnldswzngr" (=Arnold Schwarzenegger) and your running backs will be so slow that if you've got the ball, you're pretty much unstoppable.
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  • Receive on Every Coin Toss

    Press START as the coin is tossed and you automatically will receive the ball
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  • Small Midget Mode

    Enter "smlmdgt" (=small midget) and your players will all be tiny, while the refs stay their normal size. In addition, all player voices are now high-pitched and Marv Albert sounds like he's been sucking on helium.
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  • Always complete pass

    Right before hiking the ball press c-up 5 times and you will throw a complete pass almost everytime.
    Submitted by Jason R.
  • Tall and Skinny Mode

    Enter "bbmntbl" at the Cheat Enter screen and your characters will have a squished, tall and skinny look in the game.
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  • Other Codes (Enter at Cheat Menu)

    Effect Code
    Eight downs 8DWNDRV
    Tall skinny players BBMNTBL
    Super defense BGBFYDF
    Stronger receivers BGBFYFF
    Further dives BGSPRDV
    Spinning reciever BGTWSTRS
    Better quarterback BRDWYNMTH
    Farther jumps CRLLWYS
    Unlimited downs DWNDRV
    Slow motion FRMBYFRM
    Large players GLYTHMD
    Fumble mode GTNHNDS
    Constant fumbles GTNHNDS
    Short players JPNSMWR
    Instant passes LDSTRTRK
    Disable all cheats LLCHTSFF
    Poor defense LLDFSCK
    Poor offense LLFFSCK
    Ball tipped on passes LWYSTPSS
    Fast players MCHLJNSN
    Constant dives MNFLDMD
    Never tackle NBCTCKLS
    Crawling players PBYBYMD
    Poor players PWHYRMN
    Strong, but slow running backs RNLDSWZNGR
    Small players SMLMDGT
    Sled mode SNWSLDS
    100 yard passes, kicks, and punts SPRBGRMS
    Always tackle SPRDPRTCKL
    Slippery field SPRSLYD
    Super players SPRTMMD
    Turbo running SPRTRBMD
    Acclaim and Iguana teams STNTXTM
    Easier catches STYCKYHNDS
    No fumbles TGHTGRP
    Poor quarterback TRNTDLFR
    Stronger running backs WLTRPYTN
    Electric football mode YLCTRCFB
    Maximum discipline and awareness stats YNSTYNS
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