Available on: Dreamcast, N64

NFL Quarterback Club 2001 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NFL Quarterback Club 2001 Cheats

  • Rugby Play

    Type "RGBY" at the cheat screen. This code allows for continuous game play just like rugby. If you get tackled you automatically fumble the ball and its ready for the next player to pick up. This is by far the best cheat in the game!
    Submitted by C.J.
  • ??????

    Type "MRSHMLLW" at the cheat screen. I typed it in a I got a confirmation but when I got to the game the players were not obese.
    Submitted by None
  • More Codes

    BTTRFNGRS - Fumble Alot
    BCHBLL - Huge Ball
    FLBBR - Flubber Ball
    HSPTL - Lots of Injuries
    Submitted by None
  • Players Get Injured More Often

    Go to the "Options" menu, then, you go to "Cheats". Type in "HSPTL". You should here a chime to confirm the code.
    Submitted by Kyle Graham
  • Large Coin at Coin Toss

    Go to enter cheat and put in BGMNY to get a large coin at coin toss.
    Submitted by Rich
  • Smokey ball

    Go to enter cheat and put in HSNFR to get a smokey ball.
    Submitted by Rich
  • Rugby mode

    Go to enter cheat and put in RGBY to get rugby mode.
    Submitted by Rich
  • More Fumbles

    Go to enter cheat and put in BTTRFNGRS to get more fumbles.
    Submitted by Rich
  • Get a bouncy ball

    Go to enter cheat and put in FLBBR to get a bouncy ball.
    Submitted by Rich

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Available Platforms: Dreamcast, N64


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