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NFL Gameday Cheats

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    On the main screen, enter the options and press SELECT to access the Memory Card screen. Press select again to access the password screen. Now enter any of the following codes for some helpful cheats: -
    SKELETON ������� Changes the players into skeletons, battling it out in the 'Bone Bowl'. -
    MAYHEM ��������� Increases the frequency of injuries. -
    DEFENSE �������� Increases the ability of the defensive side. -
    OFFENSE �������� Increases the ability of the offensive side -
    JUICE ���������� Makes speed burst faster. -
    STEROIDS ������� Greater ability to perform special moves. -
    CRUNCH.TIME ���� Exaggerates the force of hits. -
    STICKUM �������� Greater ability to catch the ball. -
    PICK.CITY ������ More tipped passes and interceptions. -
    CANNON.ARM ����� QBs throw quicker and faster. -
    BIG.BOYS ������� Turns the sprites into veritable giants. -
    URNOTREDE ������ A hidden level where all manner of things can happen.
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