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  • Submitted by Chris Zawada

NFL Blitz Pro Cheats

  • Unlock Teams, Modes & Stadiums

    Earn credits by using Tournament and Exhibition modes.
    Easy Sacks On Defense
    message: When on defense, select the middle LB, and take a few steps back, and when the ball is snapped, use burst and press L2 as much as you can while running towards the QB, and when you break the defensive line, push square to leap and sack the QB!
    it wont ALWAYS work but most of the time (if you do it correctly) it will work
    Submitted by IceMan
  • Unlock Dog Team

    Finish tournament mode 1 time
    Submitted by None
  • Knock Over Team Bench

    Even though this is not a cheat it is fun, after play the play is over run over to the sideline that is closer to you and when in front of it press the dive button and you'll send the players flying'! But be patient you cannot do it on their first try because you have to do it before the huddle. (easier on offense.)
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Teams, Modes & Stadiums

    Earn credits by using Tournament and Exhibition modes.
    Submitted by None
  • Fantasy Teams

    When you do your fantasy team thing and you buy a bunch of teams get the Poly Goons and the Code Monkeys first, they are the best teams, they are both 100 in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!Also buy the Cheddarheads, the Zombies and the Fat Boys last. Some other teams who are really good mainly because they are so fast are the Eagles, the Tigers, the Horses, and the Robots( the regular ones not the evil ones) Finally, after the Code Monkeys and Poly Goons the next best team is the Ninjas, they are an 89 in both passing and rushing and they have a 100 in defense. The Evil Robots are also an excellent team on defense, but be warned they are very slow.
    Submitted by ZDRAGON11
  • Best Stuff

    The best stuff to unlock once u have enough credits, is the CODE MONKEYS and the other midway team, there 100 in everything, also get the oil factory field with BUTTAFINGAZ it rocks!
    Submitted by PImPnOtaGimPtHaT'Su

NFL Blitz Pro Hints

  • Roster Hints

    To get all of your created players onto your franchise roster for free, you need to create and set the roster in exhibition mode first and then create your franchise. Otherwise you will have to buy your created players to get them onto the franchise roster later.
    Submitted by Silky Johnston

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