New trailer for Lockout

A new trailer has been released for sci-fi thriller Lockout , and it’s more than a little bit reminiscent of Kurt Russell actioner Escape From New York .

In it, Guy Pearce plays Snow, a tough-as-nails badass recruited by the President to rescue his daughter (Maggie Grace) from a deep-space prison. Unfortunately for Snow, it won’t be as easy as all that, as the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Check out the new trailer below…

From the looks of the above, Lockout has got a healthy amount of B-movie silliness about it, and Pearce is a great fit for the reluctant hero.

We particularly like his reaction to the details of his mission: “Don’t get me wrong, it’s a dream vacation, I mean I go into space, I get inside the maximum security nuthouse, get past all the psychos, save the president’s daughter (if she’s not dead already)… I’m thrilled that you would think of me.”

That final visual gag is a gem as well! Lockout opens in the UK on 13 April 2012.


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