New trailer and clip for Brave: watch now

Brave , the latest animated feature from Pixar, has debuted a new trailer and clip, giving us our clearest look at the Highland adventure so far.

The new footage touches upon the relationship between Kelly Macdonald's impetuous young princess Merida and her parents (Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson), before giving a glimpse of some of the perilous action that follows further down the track.

The trouble all starts when Merida rejects the traditional custom of marrying a worthy suitor, and instead wishes for a drastic change in her fate, a desire that Julie Walters' sinister old crone is only too happy to grant…

Take a look at the new trailer below, as well as a new clip from the film…

We're getting steadily more confident about this one, particularly now we've had a brief look at the later section of the film. Up until now, the promo material has been a little lacking in spark, but the introduction of some action has remedied that somewhat.

Brave will open in the UK on 17 August 2012. Keep your eyes peeled for that pizza truck...


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