New Terminator Salvation pics online

Some fresh new images from Terminator Salvation have been posted online.

Yes, as the Watchmen hype builds to its opening day crescendo, the people behind some of the year’s other big films are aiming to keep reminding you that there are other movies yet to arrive.

There’s a brand spanking new Terminator Salvation trailer due to arrive Monday, and it’s been receiving rave reviews from crowds who got a sneak peek at this year’s WonderCon.

Until then, keep that appetite under control with this new batch of images, which Yahoo Movies has online and you can find over in that handy gallery link to the right.

Meanwhile, the film itself opens on 5th June, though we still don’t know what rating it will be – according to director McG, he’s still talking with Warners about whether it’ll arrive as an R or a PG-13 in its final form.

At issue? Well, the language and violence but (because this is a Hollywood pic) also a scene of Moon Bloodgood topless. McG even asked the crowd at the weekend if they wanted to see the scene in the final film.

Shockingly, they said yes.

We’ll see how it pans out – we’re not sure a Terminator movie, especially one that promises as much darkness as Salvation should aim to squeeze itself down to a PG-13, but then The Dark Knight was intense and managed it…

[Source: Yahoo Movies ]

Do you think a Terminator film must be R? Or can it work at a different rating?


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