New red-band Sabotage trailer focuses on the supporting characters: watch now

A new red-band trailer has emerged online for Sabotage , in which we get to know Arnie’s on-screen family, at home and at work.

The DEA agent is a happily married family man, with a wife and son at home, and a tight-knit group of colleagues who also look up to him as a kind of father figure.

So when vicious cartel members kidnap the former pair and start taking pot-shots at the latter group, it’s understandable that our hero finds himself rather distraught…

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

The promo material has been plentiful for this one, but the more we’ve seen, the more we’ve become convinced that this is the vehicle to relaunch Arnie as a credible action star. The half-baked wisecracks look very few and far between here…

Directed by David Ayer and co-starring Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard and Olivia Williams, Sabotage will open in the UK on 7 May 2014.


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