New-look Crash Bandicoot revealed

Wii, PS2 and DS screens of the re-invented platforming marsupial

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The Crash Bandicoot series has changed hands more than Blockbuster DVD, and with Radical Entertainment now heading up development they're reinventing the orange critter for his current-gen debut.

Crash of the Titans will appear on Wii, PS2, DS, PSP and 360, and will follow an action-orientated theme in which he has the power to "hijack" the minds of others.

Crash himself has learned a few new fighting moves too, now able to string together a selection of punches and kicks into a ninja combo for the first time in the series.

Even better, a second player can join in at any point in the game, taking control of Carbon Crash in co-operation with the first player. Neat.

Check out all the screens below - there are PS2, Wii and DS captures there, all marked up so you can tell them apart.

Crash of the Titans is pencilled in for an Autumn release.

May 18, 2007