New images from The Avengers

The Avengers has released a new batch of on-set images, following a visit to Marvel's mega-blockbuster by Ain't It Cool News .

The new snaps give us another glimpse of life on set with Marvel's biggest superheroes, with Thor and Loki sharing a friendly joke and Iron Man receiving a little assistance with his suit.

The cast have also dropped a few more nuggets of info concerning what we can expect from the film, with Tom Hiddleston explaining how Loki will attempt to work on each of the Avengers individually. And apparently, he finds something of a match in the slinky Black Widow.

"Black Widow is sneaky, underhand, she lurks in the shadows," says Hiddleston. "She’s smart and clever and duplicitous and she’s hard to trust. All those adjectives could be used to describe Loki. So, the scene between Loki and Black Widow is one in which they recognise each other."

And speaking of Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson has dropped a bombshell that will have fanboys reeling the world over: she goes commando under that suit.

"It’s, like, 800 degrees in my costume," says Johansson. "And it’s a unitard! And I have nothing underneath it." "That's nice for people," quips Jeremy Renner, coining possibly the biggest understatement of the year. As for romance between their two characters, Johansson is similarly blunt. "There's no time for romance," she says. "We've got shit to avenge."

The Avengers opens in the UK on 26 April 2012.


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