New Halo: Reach intel from OXM

Latest issue takes a deep look at Halo: Reach, Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIII and more!

Larger levels, new weapons, and an ace team of Spartan-IIIs: there’s a lot going on in Bungie’s latest visit to the origins of the Halo universe – and the April issue of the Official Xbox Magazine has all the answers to your questions. Check it out for eight pages of Halo hardcore-ness, featuring an in-depth look at your squad mates, tactics, vehicles, enemies, the story, and how it all fits together in the Halo universe with extra insights from the game’s creators.

Above: Find out all about the new Noble team of Spartan IIIs

Above: OXM also throws down the latest info on all things Fallout: New Vegas with their first look at Bethesda’s upcoming shooter-RPG!

Above: The latest issue is on sale now!

Mar 10, 2010